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Our environment consists of four classrooms.

Nursery - Te Kakano, The Seed:

A sun-drenched open plan space, where our children have the freedom of choice between the prepared indoor environment and the natural outdoor environment. We believe in working closely with our families, so the teachers can provide an individualised programme to suit the specific developmental needs of every nursery child who attends.

The Toddler Room - Te Tipu:

A specially designed space for the 2-3-year-old children. This is a very busy age, where children are making huge strides in their learning and development. For this reason, we offer this age group their own space, where they can feel safe and nurtured and develop at their own pace. Our toddler teachers are passionate and devoted to creating a prepared environment that meets and extends, all individual children's development and learning.

Two 3-6 Year Old Rooms - Te Puawai Tahi and Te Puawai Rua:

We have the luxury of two separate 3-6-year-old classrooms. In these rooms we offer an extensive Montessori programme, providing children with opportunities and the freedom to explore educational activities within a prepared environment. These activities and experiences will set all children up for lifelong learning and readiness for school. Our 3-6 year old teachers are passionate in the Montessori Method of teaching and pride themselves on setting children up with the skills they need for not only Primary School, but for life.